We create brand security
– legally, digitally and technically

Our services within brand security

Digitalization puts new demands on the management of your brand. Trademark infringements today take place primarly online, and new threaths towards the brand constantly arises. Ports Group is your partner for brand security – legally, digitally and technically. Read more about our services below.


We protect your brand

Ports Group helps your company to protect your rights in a world that is constantly changing. Our teams of specialists offer you expertise in all areas of the brand. With our subscription service you outsource your portfolio of rights to us, and we take legal responsibility. Let us create optimal brand security – so that you can focus on your business!

Our corporate management solution

An unique customer portal

Our in-house developed customer portal, ports.management, gives you an overview and control of your brands. Here, you can manage your domain names and technical services, quickly retrieve information on how extensive your legal trademark rights are, and get in touch with your dedicated team of Ports Group’s experts.


Our legal, digital and technical services

Email security by PORTS

TECHNICAL. Protect your business – as well as others' – against your digital identity being used for committing email fraud.

  • Preliminary investigation/analysis of current mail flow

  • Report with recommended actions

  • Implementation of security mechanisms

  • Continuous reporting

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VMC - Verified Mark Certificate symbol

Verified Mark Certificate

LEGAL, TECHNICAL. Display your logo in the customer's inbox. Ports Group will ensure your domain is properly prepared, helping you become one of the first businesses with VMC, as soon as the standard is launched.

  • Secure correct registered figurative mark

  • Implementation of DMARC with the correct quarantine policy

  • Ensuring the validation for the Verified Mark Certificate

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TLS / SSL certificates

TECHNICAL. Secure your connection with TLS / SSL certificate and encrypt the data sent between the web server and the browser, this to protect sensitive information like passwords and credit card information, from non-authorized parties.

  • Wide range of SSL certificates

  • Longer terms through Multi Year Plan

  • Overall view and control via ports.management

  • Management options for your SSL certificates

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magnifying glass

Trademark monitoring

LEGAL, DIGITAL. Our monitoring services offers protection for your brand in all channels; from apps and social media platforms to websites and marketplaces.

  • Trademark Watch

  • Domain Watch

  • Marketplace watch

  • Social Media Watch

  • App Watch

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With AdultBlock you protect your rights by blocking terms from being registered with any of the adult Top Level Domains (TLDs) dotXXX, dotADULT, dotSEX and dotPORN.

  • Unregistered domains are blocked

  • Domains that are not renewed by current holders are blocked

  • Upgrade to AdultBlock+ to block all look-alike variations

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Consultancy services icon

Consultancy Services

LEGAL, DIGITAL, TECHNICAL. Ports Group has a unique legal, digital and technical expertise. Our consultancy services include, for example:

  • Intellectual Property Mapping

  • Workshop/Policy formulation

  • Preliminary trademark investigation

  • Acquisitions

  • Dispute resolutions

  • Contract management

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Hosting services icon

Hosting Services

TECHNICAL. In our own environment with full redundancy, we have the complete technical infrastructure for your digital assets.


  • Server solutions

  • Hosted Exchange

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E-commerce Website Compliance

E-commerce Website Compliance

LEGAL. Today, credibility is a must for achieving success in e-commerce. Avoid high costs and bad-will by creating a secure e-commerce for your customers.

  • Website Audit

  • Oversight of General terms

  • Report with recommendations

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Enforcement Database

LEGAL. Stop the import of counterfeit goods by registering your rights in the Enforcement Database.

  • Submitting rights to the Enforcement Database

  • Continuous monitoring of hits

  • Ongoing legal advice

  • Automatic renewal

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Design Protection

LEGAL. The greatest asset of many companies is not their trademark or patent, but their unique design. Ensure it is exclusive.

  • Preliminary investigation/Advisory

  • Classification

  • We take care of the entire process

  • We manage your rights and take responsibility for renewal

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LEGAL. Take down websites with trademark infringements without having to wait for time-consuming legal processes.

  • Preliminary investigation

  • Contacting affected parties in order to have the website taken down

  • Can be combined with legal process to gain control of the domain name

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