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In our full service solution for trademarks, Corporate Trademark Management, and for domain names, Corporate Domain Management, you as a client always have access to your own dedicated Client Manager, as well as the expertise of our skilled legal team.

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Our legal experts and consultants have leading competence within trademarks, domain names and IT. Besides consolidation, registering, monitoring and management of trademarks and domain names we outline policies for trademarks and domain names, consolidate domain related IT services, handle legal disputes and purchases around trademarks and domain names and anything else you might need help with.

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After your first contact with us, we start with an overall analysis of your current situation, presented at a meeting. This first step is completely free of charge and includes:

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The current state of your own domain names, unprotected markets and possible infringements by rival registrations, how your hosting is scattered and potential business risks.

Trademark analysis

The current status of the trademark portfolio, where the trademark/s are protected, potential risks and how your trademarks are managed.

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In many companies, trademarks and domain names are scattered across different time zones, individuals and even suppliers, and nobody has the full picture or control over them. This is what often causes companies to lose their rights and have difficultly protecting their digital assets. When we consolidate trademarks and/or domain names, we turn the chaos into order for all your registrations, gather them in a functional management structure, operated by us, and ensure their continuous renewal. We identify important domain names or trademarks that are about to expire and business-critical domain names that need registering with email and/or websites. We then contact your existing suppliers, and manage the complete consolidation project with your mandate.

Obtaining an injunction for your trademark application doesn’t mean that it cannot be registered. It just means that the authority/office considers the application to be incorrect or incomplete. We help you answer any injunctions and make relevant corrections.

The trademark rights holder may object to a later registered trademark if they think that it’s confusable with their trademark. We help you refute objections to your trademark, and of course support you with any objections you might want to make against someone else’s infringements of your rights.

Do you want to obtain a registered domain name, but don’t know which method is the best – the legal way or buying it from the current holder? It’s not easy to know since it depends on the circumstances in each unique case, where many factors are in play: your legal basis in relation to when the domain was registered, the domain’s historical and current content, the registrant’s potential right to the name and which regulations govern the top domain, (for instance the regulations for Sweden’s .SE differs considerably from the Germany’s .DE). We analyse all this and summarise it in a report with our recommendation as to the best way to proceed.

There are several ways to take over an already registered domain name. If you can prove superior right to the name, you can usually take over the domain name through legal measures. But sometimes the only way is to simply buy the domain from the current rights holder. We examine the alternatives and recommend the best way to take control of the domain name. We help you with the transfer of domain name and price, carry out the transfer of ownership and secure the updating of rights holder information. With our long experience from purchases, and the possibility for the buyer to be anonymous, we can often keep down purchase costs.

In case of infringement, a warning letter to the holder can be sufficient to get the domain transferred to your company. Therefore we recommend a warning letter as a first step. In connection with this, we ensure both historic and present information about the use of the domain name, meta-tags and other data to be to prove intentional infringement if needed.

If you can prove trademark infringement, it’s possible to take over an already registered domain name legally, through a dispute settlement. Each country has their own rules and in many cases there is a simplified settlement procedure for domain names. We have experience from dispute settlements in national as well as international authorities, and have successfully helped many companies reassert control over hijacked domain names. When the dispute is won, we help you with the transfer of the domain name, the change of ownership and secure that the rights holder information is updated at the registry (registry = the organisation responsible for the top domain, for instance the IIS foundation for the top domain .SE).

Cybersquatting means that someone other than the rights holder registers a domain name. One of the most important weapons in the struggle against cybersquatting is an active monitoring to discover infringements as soon as possible to be able to take action before customers and partners and partners discover it and before you have lost income and goodwill. Read more under Monitoring services, Purchase and Dispute settlement.

Do you take into consideration a company’s domain portfolio in your due diligence process? Is the company really the rights holder to all the domains it claims, or does it need help to take control over its immaterial rights? It’s not unusual that registered domains are sold for six figure sums, which is why valuations can differ a great deal depending on how well a company manages its domains. We help customers with investigations connected to due diligence processes, where we secure content in the domain portfolio and help you make a more correct assessment. Furthermore, we can assist in transferring domains at company transfers.

Want to know which domain names are registered to a certain company? We can help you obtain this information. For someone who’s assigned the responsibility for a company’s immaterial rights, for instance in case of a bankruptcy or company transfer, a domain name investigation is often necessary to enable a correct valuation and management of the rights that the company holds. We carry out the investigation concerning the existing domain name registrations.

A domain name investigation can also be a starting point before a consolidation where you want to gather your domain portfolio with one supplier. We design search criteria based on your specific situation and provide a complete report with correct and updated information. For more details, contact us on +46 31 – 720 20 00 or