Complete infrastructure for your digital assets

Private datacentre for secure hosting solutions

A cornerstone in the protection of your digital assets is security and order in the infrastructure of your domains, mail servers etc. Unlike many branch colleagues, we have our own IT environment, which means that we offer maximum security for both our own operations and for our clients. Our primary server environment is located at our head office outside Gothenburg, with full redundancy and mirroring at a different location. With our technical solutions you obtain an extremely safe hosting environment and vast experience of running and delivering everything from basic hosting services to large customised server solutions.

Basic to advanced hosting solutions

As one of Sweden’s leading hosting suppliers, we offer a broad range of services for small and large companies, authorities and organisations. From DNS, web hosting, basic transferring of websites, SSL-certification and email solutions, to large customised server solutions in our own environment – all with state-of-the-art security.

In-house IT expertise

We have IT experts who can solve more advanced problems and requirements. We have daily backup, 24/7 watch and are well protected against infringements. We are well equipped for natural disasters, and should the worst happen, we have an identical environment on another location that takes over all operations. We never trust a single supplier when it comes to security for our clients’ operations. We have even placed our name servers in four different countries on three different continents for maximum redundancy for all our services.

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A DNS server, or name server, is like a reference service. It connects your domain names with relevant websites so that your visitors find you and all your email reaches its destination. Without a DNS service for your domain names, domains are parked at your hosting supplier without being activated. DNSSEC is an add-on that protects you against falsified DNS data.

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is a security add-on to the DNS service, protecting against falsified DNS data. It is used, simply put, to match a domain name against a specific computer on the Internet and secure that the DNS data is correct.

The heavy increase of purchases and transactions on the Internet also increases the demand for encrypting the data traffic so no one can access sensitive information. An SSL certificate is an electronic “identification” comprising your domain name, company name and sometimes also your contact info, confirming that you are who you claim to be. There are several different levels of SSL-certificates. We offer a large number of SSL-certificates, such as Verisign, Geotrust and Thawte, depending on your requirements. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more and help you choose an SSL-certificate that suits your operations.

With Hosted Exchange you don’t need to invest in your own mail server. Instead, you only pay for the accounts you actually use. You also get access to web mail with the same functionality as Outlook. All that’s needed to setup an account is your email address and password – no hassle with intricate settings.

Secure communication

If you lose a mobile phone it’s possible to go in at server level and erase all information on the phone, thereby improving security of your company communication. We have redundancy on our exchange server to ensure that your communication is always well protected. We also have daily backup so that you can read back your complete account if needed. You can also go back 30 days and recreate deleted messages in your web mail or Outlook. Your email communication is also encrypted through our exchange server for the highest possible security.

Do you use a Hotmail or Gmail account to communicate with your customers? By activating email on your domain you show who the sender is and which company name or trademark is behind the business. Activate email on your domain, and our email service is accessible from email clients such as Outlook, and easily reachable via web mail with the same functionality as Outlook. We also have server-based message filtering including absence messages. For a solution including calendars contacts and other data, see Hosted Exchange.

Make sure you don’t have to start each day by having to delete advertisements from your mailbox with the help of our market leading anti-spam system. More than 90 per cent of spam is stopped before it’s entered the system, thanks to the senderbase function that efficiently identifies spam before it even reaches the filter. If a message still passes through senderbase, it’s filtered and analysed to ascertain whether it’s spam, a virus or so-called phishing, (attempts to trick the recipient into submitting sensitive information). If an email looks suspicious, it gets caught in the spam filter and put into “quarantine” – the recipient receives a message with sender, subject, reason why it was caught, and is asked if they want the message to be let through. This way you always have control over what lands in the mailbox.

Virtual server means that we create an own server solution for you in our server environment. This enables enlarged memory, a hard drive and processor with a simple email inquiry. No long lead times, no hassle.

With Co-location you can place your server in our server environment. You can use your existing machines but benefit from our extremely high security standards.

Dedicated Server means that you rent a new server from us. You don’t have to invest heavily in new hardware, cooling equipment and so on. Instead, you pay a monthly fee for hardware and operation.

We have plenty of space and functionality for hosting a basic website, with options to enhance the space and/or performance as and when you need it. Our hosting environment has the latest software for both Windows and Linux, which enable creating advanced solutions on your websites. With us you can also be sure that your websites are accessible for your customers thanks to extremely high security standards with full redundancy, mirrored environments, daily backup and 24/7 watch. We also offer your own virtual server or a dedicated server.

A backup service is probably the most important security service for a company, since it’s not the hardware, but the data losses that cost money today. A common mistake is to store your backup on the same premises as the servers. If the whole place should burn down, you also lose your backup. We use IBM’s backup software Tivoli Storage Manager. The backup is always saved separate from our primary server environment, in a server room in a different city. For extra security your backup is saved on both hard drive and bands that are sent to a safe deposit for storage.

The advantage of Active Backup compared to a traditional backup service is that you won’t need to recreate data, since there will be a complete copy of your server. With Active Backup you can also restore individual files for all your applications, from specific emails to posts in your business systems. By letting the secondary environment take over operation, you can retrieve and recreate information to the primary environment in just a few minutes – all this without paying for extra software or more licenses. You only pay for the storage that you actually use!

Replication up to 288 times a day

Initially a complete replication of your server is made, and subsequently only changes are saved, (so-called incremental replication). This means that you need less space for each version, which means lower costs. You choose the frequency of the replication and how many versions to which you want access. A common problem with traditional backup is that you don’t verify that the backup is actually working until you need to reread it. With Active Backup the replication starts as soon as it’s done and the function is verified – each time regardless of the replication frequency.

Share encrypted files with your colleagues easily! With Hornetdrive you can share encrypted data via cloud computing, with several people or groups and keep it synchronised all the time. Hornetdrive is the perfect tool when several people are working on a project and each project member always must be able to access the latest version of a document. There is no risk for overwriting someone else’s data thanks to the robust version handling. The project administrator determines the privileges for each project member. Employees may work directly in the cloud, or sync down a local copy of local material to work offline.