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Almost everyone today knows that a company’s most valuable/crucial asset, is their brand. However, few have an adequate protection for their brand – both legally and digitally. This is often caused by a lack of strategies and routines to monitor and protect business-critical assets; and a lack of clarity about who is responsible for these issues.

The consequences of not being in control of one’s intellectual property rights can lead to giant losses. This is why more and more companies are realising the need to consolidate their trademarks and domain names, secure their sole rights legally as well as digitally, and, not least; co-ordinate the responsibility for them.

We help you take the first step towards securing your digital assets

Ports Group is the full service partner for companies who want to avoid business risks and losses caused by inadequate protection of trademarks and domain names. We take full responsibility for monitoring, managing and protecting your trademarks and digital assets.

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What makes us different?

We take full legal responsibility

We take full legal responsibility

We don’t just take care of management tasks – we take full legal responsibility for the protection of your trademarks and domain names. This means that our clients can focus on developing their businesses’.

We’re a one-stop-shop

We’re a one-stop-shop

We have a unique combination of products and services within trademark protection and legal services; registration, management and monitoring domain names, hosting services; as well as strategic and legal consultation.

We've been around from the start

We've been around from the start

We have helped companies with their trademarks and domain names since the Internet started. This has given us vast collected experience and leading expertise for being companies’ best friend on the Internet.

We give you value from your first contact

We give you value from your first contact

Our first consultation is always free of charge and includes an analysis of your current situation for your trademarks and domains. This means that you get value from the first meeting, no strings attached and no obligations to engage our services.

Book an initial cost-free analysis

This first step is completely free of charge and includes:

Domain name analysis

The current state of your own domain names, unprotected markets and possible infringements by rival registrations, how your hosting is scattered and potential business risks.

Trademark analysis

The current status of the trademark portfolio, where the trademark/s are protected, potential risks and how your trademarks are managed.

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