Ports Group is a full service partner for global protection and monitoring of trademarks and domain names

About Ports Group

With over 15 000 clients in over 160 countries, Ports Group is today the market leader in Scandinavia for protecting trademarks and domain names.

Today we are a team of 70 employees and growing rapidly. Our team consists of trademark attorneys, paralegals, consultants, IT-technicians, domain name coordinators, account managers, project managers and software developers.

The headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden. At our HQ, we have the majority of our team, but also our expansive datacentre

Since 2010, Ports Group also have an office in Stockholm, where for example the majority of our legal team is situated, and we also have an office in Malmö.

During 2018, we plan to launch Ports Group’s first international office.


Our mission

Is someone using your primary domain name for sending emails to your employees – or even your customers – claiming to be you?

Does your brand have sufficient legal protection?

Do you know if someone is stealing your domain names right now?

Are there apps out there that claiming to be published by your company?

Who is in charge of these issues at your company?


Lack of control can lead to huge losses. The reasons are always lack of strategies, routines and a lack of clarity about who is responsible. Hence the need to consolidate trademarks and domain names, and co-ordinate the responsibility for them.

Ports Group is full service partner that actively protects and monitors your trademarks and domain names, on a global scale. We create safety and minimise risk for our clients. What makes us unique is that we take full legal responsibility for your trademarks and domain names and handle everything from start to finish – from hosting services, through active monitoring of your intellectual property rights, to legal disputes – all under one roof.


Our clients

You can find our clients in every line of business, and in every stage of maturity. We help digital startups as well as industrial companies, with protecting brands legally, digitally and globally. What unites our clients is a shared care for their brands, and that they value having a long-term partner that has a strategic overall approach to the protection of their brands.

At Ports Group, we strive for simple and transparent pricing, and we always tailor the solution to fit the client’s situation and needs. Read more about how we help our clients by reading our Client Case Studies.


Our history

It all began back in 1994 in Gothenburg, Sweden with a hosting company. On its website was a search engine for checking the availability of a domain name. The search engine became increasingly popular and domain names quickly became the main business. We later became the first ICANN-accredited registrar in Sweden, and one of the first in Europe, making us one of the oldest still active domain name registrars today.

During the following 20 years, the business grew into a company group with several separate subsidiaries and brands that became prominent in domain names, hosting, intellectual property, strategic consultancy and more. We realised that these solutions needed to be integrated in order to offer as much value as possible for our clients. Therefore, in 2016 it was a natural step for us to become one brand and one organisation – Ports Group.


A Scandinavian with global reach

From our base in Scandinavia, we at Ports Group enable protection and communication on a global level. Through us, our clients get access to not just our services and expertise, but also our global network of registries, local contacts and trademark agents. This enables registration and administration of all the world’s top-level domain names and trademarks. We are in daily contact with our clients are all over the world, from Sydney to Stockholm.


What makes us different?

We take full legal responsibility

We don’t just manage – we take full legal responsibility for the protection of your trademarks and domain names. This means that our clients can focus on developing their businesses’.

We’re a one-stop-shop

We have a unique combination of products and services within trademark protection and legal services; registration, management and monitoring domain names, hosting services; as well as strategic and legal consultation.

We’ve been around from the start

We have helped companies with their trademarks and domain names since the Internet started. This has given us vast collected experience and leading expertise for being companies’ best friend on the Internet.

We give you value from your first contact

Our first consultation is always free of charge and includes an analysis of your current situation for your trademarks and domains. This means that you get value from the first meeting, no strings attached and no obligations to engage our services.

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