Consulting one of the most prominent travel agencies in strategic trademark issues, as well as managing all trademarks and domain names with full legal responsibility.

”Ports Group has helped us to consolidate our trademark portfolio and to review the protection of all our trademarks and domain names. They also help us to actively monitor our interests in this area to ensure the exclusivity of our trademarks.”

Resia Travel Group

This is what we do for Resia Travel Group:

  • Corporate Domain Management
  • Corporate Trademark Management
  • Watch services for Trademarks and Domain Names
  • DNS-services
  • SSL-certificates
  • Legal Services

Resia and Ports Group have worked together since the domain name was registered back in 2002. Until 2012, Ports Group was primarily a partner for handling the administration of domain names and related technical services such as DNS-services and SSL-certificates for Resia’s trademarks Resia, FlygoFar and ski travel expert Bengt-Martins. But in 2012 the partnership was intensified when Resia put their expansion plans into action.

Cruise Market

Already in 2010 Resia started its expansion by focusing on a cruise concept. The brand Cruise Market was developed and a trademark was applied for. Available domain names for the wordings “cruise market” and “cruise-market” were registered in key markets, but the domain name was however already registered. The Cruise Market concept was a success. Ports Group Consultants was then commissioned to initiate an acquisition of the domain name Ports Group formulated a budget for the acquisition, handled the negotiations with the other party as well as the transfer of the purchase price once the agreement had been met. Through a carefully planned process to monitor the legal ownership, Ports Group ensured that Resia really got the domain name they paid for.

Purchase of Resfeber and Box Office

As a part of the strategic plan to win market shares, primarily through increased online sales, in 2012 Resia acquired online traveling agency Resfeber from the international travel group Travelocity With the purchase of such a strong digital brand, Resia Travel Group got a stronger online position. In the purchase Box Office, Scandinavia’s largest reseller of tickets and the corresponding brands in Norway and Denmark, was also included. The purchase thus also strengthened Resia Travel Group’s position overall in the Scandinavian market. The purchase only included the assets, not the companies. This led to intensive consultancy work for Ports Group in order to consolidate the extensive domain and trademark portfolio that was included in the purchase. Trademarks are important for all companies, but for a digital brand such as Resfeber, it is even more business critical. In the first stage the management of existing domain names and trademarks was moved to Ports Group, and the legal ownership of the assets was transferred to Resia AB. At the same time, all technical services connected to the domain names have to work during the consolidation process. In order to eliminate interruptions as a result of downtime while the process was going on, it was important to have good coordination between the contacts at Resia and Travelocity, as well as their partners within Legal and IT. In connection with the purchase Ports Group were also assigned to register secondary names at Resia for the brands Resfeber and Box Office.

Analysis, action plan and implementation of brand portfolio

The purchase of Resfeber and Box Office increased the complexity of Resia’s brand portfolio significantly. Together Ports Group and Resia therefore decided to review the legal protection of all brands in the company group as well as carry out a consolidation project. The project began with an analysis of the current protection of brand names as well as logos. Based on the results of the analysis Ports Group’s trademark attorneys and consultants formulated a desired future state in terms of trademark protection for the all Resia brands, all the defined names and logos as well as the geographical scope of protection. Ports Group started the extensive consulting work with ensuring protection of existing domain names and trademarks. Multiple trademark applications were made according to plan at various trademark authorities. At the same time it was ensured that the domain name protection was correlated with the trademark protection. The management of the trademarks was handled by Ports Group together with previously registered trademarks. Today Resia has a trademark and domain name portfolio where all reasonable, proactive measures in terms of trademark protection have been taken, both legally and online. The brands are also actively monitored to ensure that the exclusive rights to them are ensured.

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Resia AB was established in 1974 and today has 52 travel agencies in Sweden and online sales in Scandinavia. With more than 30 percent of the total market share in travel agency sold charter- and package trips, Resia is one of the largest travel agency chains. Activities include both holidays, business trips, group and business travel. The headquarter is in Gothenburg, and a total of more than 400 employees work at the best travel agent company in Sweden.

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