Creating a safe and long-term domain name management solution for the biggest optical retail chain in Scandinavia.



Synsam was experiencing problems caused by a substantial domain name portfolio spread across multiple providers and had outdated and/or faulty ownership data. This was a security risk, especially considering Synsam’s digital presence. Synsam therefore initiated a procurement process in order to find a safe and long-term solution to this problem



Ports Group was able to offer Synsam a solution that matched their high demands for safety and service level. After the procurement process was finalized, Ports Group handled the entire process of consolidating all domain names and hosting services to us.



A consolidated and consistent portfolio of domain names and hosting services in a management service where all administration and legal responsibility has been transferred from Synsam to Ports Group.

The procurement process

The partnership between Synsam and Ports Group started with Synsam initiating a procurement process for the management of their domain name portfolio and related web hosting.

In order to formulate a solid action plan, as well as providing a fair cost analysis, you need proper data. The process therefore started with Synsam providing us with their list of domain names, which we then completed with a so-called “baseline report” in order to pinpoint potential additional domain names that had been registered by Synsam, their partners and/or other parties.

At this point, Synsam’s domain names were spread across multiple providers, with completely outdated owner and contact data. To make matters worse, Synsam is also active in several countries, resulting in domain names being registered to local opticians in various countries.

Once we had the complete picture, Ports Group formulated a detailed action plan of how we – if chosen – would handle the consolidation of domain names and hosting services. At Ports Group, we have over two decades of experience in managing these types of assignments. Therefore, we know how many potentially business-critical consequences that can occur if this process is not handled properly.

The importance of security

There was one thing that was most important for Synsam; Security. The reason for putting that much emphasis on security is the large part of Synsam’s sales and customer contact that happens online. For this reason, Synsam had hired an external security consultant with the sole task of reviewing the various candidates according to a number of different criteria. Out of these, the previously mentioned process where operations would not be affected during the transfer process was one, but also to evaluate how well the different prospective providers’ met a number of high security requirements and SLA-levels regarding DNS-handling. This was in order to ensure that the provider was chosen because of their ability to deliver the most reliable management of Synsam’s domain names.

Finally, a complete action plan and plan for the management of Synsam’s domain names was sent to Synsam.
In the procurement process, several alternatives were cheaper on paper. However, Synsam eventually chose Ports Group because of our high level of security, both in terms of technical services such as DNS, but also the safe management of domain names.

The consolidation

The consultants at Ports Group then handled the entire consolidation of domain names and hosting services, whilst ensuring the operations were not affected, updated all contact and ownership data as well as took over the entire administration and legal responsibility for the domain name portfolio.

As a result, Synsam now has a consolidated domain name portfolio with a strategic partner where all administration as well as legal responsibility has been transferred from Synsam to Ports Group. Synsam has secured its digital presence for the future and at the same time minimized the risks of business-critical consequences that these types of situations usually leads to.


Since 1968, Synsam has been facilitating better vision and appearance. Today, Synsam has 180 stores in Sweden and around 500 in the entire Nordic region. The oldest stores have over a hundred years’ worth of experience and knowledge. Synsam’s long and close relationships with their customers, combined with providing the latest in fashion, assortment, technology and eye examinations, makes Synsam a wise and safe choice – for you and your eyes.

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