Consolidated and comprehensive portfolio for trademarks and domain names for the world’s oldest, biggest and longest ski race.


Vasaloppet had an impossible situation with large gaps in their current trademark protection and a scattered domain name portfolio. The potential consequences of this might have ranged from “mild” ones such as an unnecessary amount of administration, to purely business critical ones such as actually loosing trademark rights and/or domain names or losing the sole rights to their brands, legally and/or digitally.


Ports Group initiated by doing an analysis/investigation of the current state of the trademarks and domain names owned by or associated with Vasaloppet. An action plan was formulated and implemented. The most prioritized action was getting sole rights to the most important brands, on several markets such as the EU, Norway, the US and China. At the same time as the trademark related actions were carried out, a consolidation of the domain names was initiated.


By treating the trademark and domain name portfolios as one, with an overall policy for all assets that is implemented with an action plan based on that policy, Vasaloppet has ensured legal sole rights to their brands in terms of trademarks, as well as digital in terms of domain names. By outsourcing both the administration and legal responsibility for both the trademark and domain name portfolio, it is fair to say that the concerned parties at Vasaloppet also sleeps better at night!

The cooperation between Vasaloppet and Ports Group started out with an unconditional meeting between the advisors of Ports Group and the marketing department at Vasaloppet.

The reason for the meeting was that Vasaloppet wanted to get better control of their intellectual property rights in terms of registered trademarks, and digital assets in terms of domain names.

The purpose of the meeting was to get a clear view of the current state of the domain names and trademarks owned by or associated with Vasaloppet, and formulate an action plan of getting where Vasaloppet wanted to be.

Before the meeting, Ports Group’s advisors had analysed the current state of the Vasaloppet’s trademarks and domain names. It was quickly agreed that there were large gaps in the current trademark protection that needed to be taken care of immediately, and that the owner and contact details of the existing registered trademarks and domain names differed and in some cases even wrong. The portfolios were also scattered between different suppliers which all in all resulted in an unreasonable amount of administration as well as the constant risk of actually miss a renewal of a trademark and/or domain name.

Vasaloppet wanted sole rights to their brands in the EU, Norway, the US and China, as well as a consolidated management of trademarks and domain names. The main task for Ports Group was subsequently to initiate an extensive trademark application process at the same time as consolidating all existing trademarks and domain names in a management service where all administrative tasks as well as the legal responsibility is transferred from Vasaloppet to Ports Group.

The reason Vasaloppet chose Ports Group was our full service management for trademarks and domain names. To quote Jon Svensson, Head of Marketing at Vasaloppet: ”Finally, someone has worked this out!”

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”Finally, someone has worked this out!”

Jon Svensson

Head of Marketing at Vasaloppet, about Ports Group’s full service solution for trademarks and domain names


Vasaloppet is one of Sweden’s most famous brands. It is the world’s oldest, biggest and longest ski race. Perhaps unknown to many are the many sub-brands that exists under the Vasaloppet brand and that there are 16 different races in total within the fields of cycling, running and cross-country skiing that yearly attracts 100 000 participants. Apart from the classic races between Sälen and Mora in Sweden, Vasaloppet is also arranged in the US and China.

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