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At Christmas last year, our CEO Annelie Liljeqvist summarized 2016 by thanking all of our clients and partners for their involvement during a year of change. The most evident change, internally as well as externally, has of course been our merger where we became one company – and one brand – Ports Group.

Now, when 2017 has really begun, we initiate the expansion phase that is going to take us to our goal of becoming the evident market leader in the Nordic region for protecting trademarks and domain names.

Opening of office in Malmö
We want to be as close to our clients as possible. That is why we in February are taking the natural step of opening our first office in Malmö, to complement our HQ in Gothenburg and our office in Stockholm. We have recruited three great people to be the faces of Ports Group in the south region of Sweden. Our new office will be situated in the World Trade Center in central Malmö, next doors to many of our existing Malmö clients.

Expansion in Stockholm
On the east coast, we will be moving to new offices from our far too cramped office in the Old Town of Stockholm. This will take place towards the end of the second quarter. The move is in part to make room for our current staff in Stockholm, but also to enable a continuous increase in members to our sales, consultancy and legal teams.

Legal services for e-commerce
At Ports Group we will continue to develop new services to protect trademarks and domain names. Where are therefore launching the highly awaited legal services for e-commerce. The backdrop for the service is the continuous increase in acquiring goods and services online, as well as stronger consumer protection. This has led to a complicated composition of laws and regulations for online retailers. Unless followed, they might lead to very negative consequences, from bad will and drops in sales, to being forced to cease trading and/or high fines. Legal services for e-commerce aims to create a platform that is user-friendly, trustworthy and – most importantly – lawful.

We will get back to you shortly with the full information on this service. However, you are of course very welcome to contact us at any time to express interest.

Lastly, we at Ports Group are looking forward to an exciting and fun year together!

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