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Hendirk WIPR 2022

Henrik Björkstrand, Attorney at Law at Ports Group, has been appointed for the prestigious Leaders - 2 years in a row!

Henrik Björkstrand works at Ports Group with intellectual property law in general and trademark law in particular. His work gave him the prestigious award WIPR Leaders in 2021. We’re proud to say that Henrik has done it again!

Every year World IP Review lists, on a global basis, prominent lawyers working within the areas of patent, trademark and copyright law.

Over 12 000 respondents are part of the decision during the four-month long nomination process. Ports Group’s Henrik Björkstrand is one of the lawyers who have been given the honor of being listed in the prestigious guide - twice.

– It is of course incredibly fun and an honor to be chosen for the 2021, as well as the 2022 edition of WIPR Leaders, says the 32-year-old lawyer.

It is the Chinese IP firm Chofn Intellectual Property that has nominated Henrik for his work on a global level.

– It is an honorary award, says Henrik Björkstrand and points out that more and more companies are asking for counseling in different matters of intellectual property law in China. He often works with matters concerning the Chinese market, but Henrik truly has the whole world as his office.

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– Due to the Internet, everything is cross-border today and there are many actors trying to commit different types of infringements. You need to have a coherent approach on how to stop and prevent such actors from infringing intellectual property law.

This is Henrik Björkstrand’s first award of this kind and he is now listed in the global guide in the good company of other prominent lawyers.

Johan Sjöbeck is the Head of Legal at Ports Group and is happy about the award:
– We at Ports Group think this is amazingly good news, and we’re happy that our brilliant colleague Henrik has been nominated for being one of Sweden’s leading trademark consultants in the 2021 and 2022 edition of WIPR Leaders, says Johan Sjöbeck.

We can only agree and say big congratulations to Henrik!

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