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As a part of our CSR work we at Ports Group monitor and investigate all domain names registered with us that correlates to COVID-19. By doing this we help minimizing the distribution of false information.

Information and registered domain names related to COVID-19 has increased significantly these past weeks. Unfortunately, it is not only accurate information that is distributed– many are taking advantage of the current situation and a large extent of false information are flourishing online.

According to a survey published March 19th by RiskIQ, a cyber security company, the number of registered domains suspected to spread false information increased from 13 500 to 52 000 in only 2 days.

Actors abroad take responsibility but Swedish organizations lack behind

In order to prevent the increased spread of false information linked to COVID-19 from fraudsters we at Ports Group have taken action. We are currently reviewing all domain names registered with us since February 2020 that has corona-related wordings. By doing this we can ensure that we do not have domain names registered with us that help distributing false information, a responsibility that very few actors at the Swedish market currently take.

In a letter from New York's Justice Chancellor, sent to the largest registrars in the world, all stakeholders are asked to act on domain names used for corona-related frauds. All registrars need to take active action in order to stop both the registration and use of these domain names that not only to stop false information but also to reduce the risk of phishing and the spread of malicious software.

Our accreditation gives you as a customer security

We are one of very few organizations in Sweden to have an accreditation. This means that we have no intermediaries and therefore can be at the forefront of preventing domain names that spread false information about COVID-19.  Our accreditation also involves a close and direct contact with all registries globally, giving us the latest information and regulations regarding domain names in these uncertain times. We continue to take our responsibility – for the sake of society!

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