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Bild på tjej vid dator för hosting

We have always taken pride in providing our own hosting services. Everything from simple email accounts to tailored virtual private server solutions are hosted in our own primary data center, replicated at another facility. We spend a lot of time and resources on having the highest redundancy and reliability as possible.

However, no hosting provider is ever totally safe from downtime, scheduled or caused by an incident. It is how well you have been proactive in minimising the risk of incidents, how quickly you react then they occur and - last but not least - how well you communicate with your clients that determine how good of a hosting provider you really are.

In order to provide our clients with the quickest and most efficient information possible when it comes to scheduled downtime and in the event of an incident, we have launched ports.systems.

Ports.systems is run completely off-site, so it will not fall into that (actually quite common) catch 22 situation where a hosting provider is not able to inform their clients of an incident, because there has been an incident and their systems are affected.

We recommend everyone of our clients that uses any of our hosting services (for example web hosting, DNS, virtual private servers, Hosted Exchange and/or standard pop-email) to go to ports.systems and subscribe to updates. Either via email and/or text message.

When registered, you will get instant push messages as soon as anything is posted on the site.

Subscribe today:


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