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Do you have a problem with email spam? Then you've come to the right place! We explain what Spam involves and list our best solutions to the problem!

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What is spam?

Spam is the type of email that usually ends up in your junk mail. However, a lot of them still make their way into the regular inbox as the mail client does not recognize them as spam.

More than half of the emails you receive are spam. The question is: How much time do we spend cleaning up all the spam? Not only is it time consuming, it also poses a real threat. So how is spam stopped?

Why is spam sent?

The purpose of spam is often to trick the recipient or to get them to buy a product. Some examples are the sale of medical products or the classic "Nigeria email" in which the sender writes that a distant relative has died and that you have an inheritance to collect.

More or less all major email providers today offer a free spam filter for their email services. Spam is usually sent simultaneously to multiple recipients, allowing spam filters to classify and filter out those emails. However, it is not an easy task for email services to identify all emails that come in. Spam filters only filter incoming emails, and usually this filter is based on reputation and volume. This makes it difficult for a filter to detect more targeted and sophisticated attacks in which fraudsters use a legitimate domain to try to achieve the desired result of, for example, planting malware or blackmailing a company or person for money. Instead of just deleting spam that finds its way to your regular inbox, you can help the email service and mark the suspicious email as spam. This way you help the email service remember the email address for next time.

How to stay spam-free?

There are a number of effective ways a company can cut down the amount of spam their employees receive. This also minimizes the risk of, for example, phishing and the transmission of malware. Below we have listed which services we recommend for keeping you and your business spam-free.

Recommended solutions

S/MIME ikon


S/MIME is the certificate that gives outgoing emails a digital signature and ensures that nothing in the email has been changed in transit.
Säker e-post

Secure email, ECP

The technology behind secure email protects organizations against email fraud, both internally and externally for customers and suppliers.

VMC Certificate

Verified Mark Certificate lets your company render a logotype in your customer’s e-mail clients. Become one of the first businesses with VMC.

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