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Ports.management release – May

Summer is here, and so are some new Ports Management features. We are pleased to have added these extra features to our already unique portal, designed to manage and protect your brand online.


Certificate Management Module

Get an overview of all of your SSL-certificates, complete with information regarding type of certificate, validity and status. You can also order new certificates as well as renewing existing ones directly in the portal.

CNAME on the root domain

CNAME on the root domain, root alias, ANAME etc. – it goes by many names. Now it is easy for you to manage CNAME on the root domain by allowing a CNAME to be stored at root level in the zone files on our DNS.

Domain Management Modul

We now give you the opportunity to work even more actively with your domain names! In the Domains-view in Ports Management you are now able to see, besides the list of domains and information contained in the Portsfolio-view, which DNS us being used too. Also, you are given the opportunity to order delegations (updating which DNS that is used) and manually update the DS-data (which is needed when using DNSSEC on a domain located on external DNS servers). If you use Ports Group’s DNS, or our new AnycastDNS network, you can activate DNSSEC with a simple click – and we will take care of the rest!

DNS Admin Monitor Zones

Now users in Ports Management can be assignes a monitoring role. This means that an email notification is sent to the user every time a change is made on a zone file that is in your portfolio. This gices you a greater control and increases the security of you zone files in real time.

Automatic Https-redirects

As the first player at the market, we now offer you a fully automated solution that ensures that all of your redirected domain names are assigned an SSL certificate. Besides the fact that your brand is getting an increased digital security and an improved ranking in search engines, you save a lot of time by avoiding the manual work usually required for each domain name. Contanct your Ports Group contant too activate the function, after that can you order your automatic Https redirects directly in ports Management.

Ports Group Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML

Full support for SSO via SAML. Use the same login credentials that you use for all other logins in your work environment through SSO via SAML. You users do not need to log in again to access Ports Management, instead login and check of user information and rights are made in your system and easily transferred to Ports Management.

The SAML support in Ports Management means that you do not need to keep track of which user accounts you have in the portal. Also, accounts do not need to be managed or terminated in multiple systems – you have full control over which users have access to Ports Management in your own user system. This means increased control for you, and easier administration.

The abbreviation SAML stands for "Security Assertion Markup language" and is the standard for the exchange of access rights and user rights between companies. ADFS stands for "Active Directory Federation Services" and is a software from Microsoft that implements the SAML standard. SSO stands for "Single Sign-On" and it is the concept of not having to log in again to gain access to another system.

The system allows integration with Azure AD, AD FS, Google Gsuite and Okta, among others.


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