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Securing brands in the casino and gaming industry  

For companies active in Casino and Gaming, we understand that it is important to feel confident that your brand is not being used by others. It is of the utmost importance that customers and suppliers feel confident that your organization is in control of communications from your brand. We have helped a lot of operators in your industry, and for us security is the top priority. Below we have gathered our best advice, tailored to your industry.

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Casino and gaming brands we secure

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Common fraud and infringement withing the casino and gaming industry

Do you want to minimize the risk of being a victim of trademark infringement? Have your suppliers received false invoices? You can relax, we have solutions that remove your worries and help with what you are best at – running your business.

You have a lot of competitors in your industry so it’s vital that no one else uses your trademark. That’s why it’s vital to keep one step ahead of the fraudsters. Before you or your customers are harmed.

  • Phishing
  • Domain hijacking
  • CEO Fraud
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Recommended casino and gaming services

How can you increase the confidence of customers and suppliers? We’ve compiled the services we recommend for you. Think of it as a checklist. Are you able to check them all off?

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Trademark strategy

Do you need help with a trademark strategy for your brands and intellectual property? Our trademark lawyers can help you!
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As Sweden's leading web hosting provider, we offer everything from web hosting to custom-made server solutions for large and small companies.
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Domain strategy

We offer expertise in domain strategy to help you achieve a strategic and proactive domain portfolio in order to reach your corporate objectives.
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Trademark Watch

Trademark watch allows you to quickly object to applications that are similar to yours, preventing their registration before it’s too late.
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Legal measures

Have you been a victim of trademark infringement and need legal action? Our legal team has an extensive skill set and are here to help!


There are a lot of different uses for digital certificates. We can help you with everything from implementation to management.

Customer cases

Examples of how we help other operators in the casino and gaming industry

mr green

Mr Green

Casino and gaming
19 November, 2021
Mr Green gets help with domain related issues, monitoring of mobile apps and measures for trademark infringement


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