The Norwegian National Security Authority urges organisations to implement protection against email fraud

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For a long time now, we at Ports Group have been spreading the word about increased email security and that companies have a responsibility to protect their employees, customers and partners from their domain being used for email fraud.

Therefore, over a year ago we created the service Email Compromise Protection. A service we have now helped a number of our customers to implement. This service is a tailor-made combination of analysis tools and security mechanisms that together create a complete overview of a domain’s outgoing email flow, thus identifying possible illegitimate senders. In addition, it allows only legitimate senders (those who actually GET to email from the organisation’s domain) are those who can actually email from the domain.

In light of the recent huge increase in email fraud, the Norwegian National Security Authority recently issued a statement urging organisations to implement the features corresponding to the ones included in our Email Compromise Protection service.[1]

The Norwegian National Security Authority is Norway’s Agency countering threats to the independence and security of the realm and other vital national security interests, primarily espionage, sabotage or acts of terrorism.[2]

The statement was a follow-up to the guide on safer email management issued by the Authority earlier this year.[3]

“Email is basically an insecure technology that is easy to fake, intercept and modify. Over the years, new extensions and email security measures have been developed to handle the changing threat image. There are actions that can make email more secure “

– Norwegian National Security Authority director Bente Hoff

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