Full service provider

For trademark and domain name protection

We consolidate, manage and protect your digital assets

We have the expertise and the organisational capacity to be your full-service partner for the protection of your trademarks and digital assets. With leading competencies combined with a safe IT environment, we take a comprehensive approach to everything from analysis of your current situation and policy to monitoring, administration and, if needed, legal measures to protect your trademarks and domain names.

Unlike most of our competitors, we take full legal responsibility, so you can focus on your core business. Of course we can also be your partner within one or more of our four business areas: trademarks, domain names, technology and professional services.

Our areas of expertise


We monitor your trademarks around the world – proactively and reactively. We scan applications primarily to be able to act on legitimate applications for confusable or identical trademarks. But we can of course also act on intentional infringements.


To make things even easier for you, we offer technology and infrastructure hosting services for website and email, and DNS and SSL-certificates – all with extremely high levels of security, our own operations and our own server room.


We monitor and manage domain portfolios the same way we do for trademarks, and help you with everything from consultation, action plans and strategic domain management to preventing and stopping cybersquatting.

Professional services

With specialist competence within IT, intellectual property law and trademark strategy, we help our clients with consultation, action plans and, when needed, legal action.

Active management with full legal responsibility

Once your trademark and domain portfolio is consolidated, and we have set-up monitoring, we start active management where we continuously handle protection, updating and monitoring of your digital assets. For example, you might inform us that you want to start selling product X on the Brazilian market within a year. One of our consultants then produces an action plan where we register and activate relevant domain names, (for example .COM.BR), and initiate trademark protection of your name and logo in Brazil.

Take the first step with an initial cost-free analysis

After your first contact with us, we start with an overall analysis of your current situation, presented at a meeting. This first step is completely free of charge and includes:

Domain name analysis

The current state of your own domain names, unprotected markets and possible infringements by rival registrations, how your hosting is scattered and potential business risks.

Trademark analysis

The current status of the trademark portfolio, where the trademark/s are protected, potential risks and how your trademarks are managed.

Get an initial costfree analysis